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Leslie Ann Menges, LMT

What's New?

This summer (2023) I have been working on becoming a Reiki Master!  Last year, I became certified in Reiki 1 and 2 at The Reiki Center in Columbus, Ohio.  While on this Reiki journey, I was connected with a local woman from Healing Insights and am blessed to learn from her.  In just a few more weeks, I will be attending my last session with her and will be a Reiki Master!  What does it mean to be a Reiki Master?  It provides the ability to teach others the gift of Reiki. My goal in becoming a Reiki Master is not necessarily to be able to teach, but to learn all that I can about this historic healing modality.  Maybe teaching will be in my future as well.  Until then, I am enjoying growing my skills and knowledge in this area and being able to couple this energy healing modality with massage therapy!

Massage Anyone?

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist at The Barn Salon and Spa in LaGrange, Ohio and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to align patients well-being, in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy.

Keep Your Eye Out!

This October I will be attending the first of five sessions that make up the extensive Reflexology program at The Branch Institute in Michigan!  It is exciting to learn how the reflexive points in the foot are connected to specific organs and parts of the body, and when stimulated can promote healing.


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The Barn Salon and Spa
40388 OH-303, Lagrange, OH 44050, USA

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