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Sweet Pea's Smudge Spray

Smudging has a history that goes back thousands of years.  The process of Smudging intends to purify, cleans, and get rid of negative energy, thoughts, feelings, and ailments from spaces, people or things.  Not only does the process of smudging get rid of all the negative things, it does so while infusing with all the positive things!  The process of smudging is meant to create balance and harmony.  Sweet Pea's Smudge Sprays take the ritual of smudging and packages it beautifully into a spray or body oil you can take anywhere.  

Sweet Pea's started with her Original Smudge Spray!  Since then, she has added many additional Sprays and Body Oils to her menu.  Each spray is made with the healing waters of the Maranatha Spring, and each product is infused with Reiki energy and healing gemstones.  

Interested in purchasing Sweet Pea's Smudge Sprays or Body Oil?  Send me a message, and we can get your order hand delivered or shipped!  Sweet Pea's Smudge Sprays and Body Oil can also be found at The Crystal Era in Elyria, Ohio.  

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