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Massage Services

Hot Stone Massage:  $95

Sink into the soothing heat of basalt stones as they glide over your muscles.  The heat helps to promote increased blood circulation, which aids those tight, sore muscles.  This 90 minute massage service will leave your muscles feeling relieved!

FarmHouse Fresh Massage Services:  $75 - $100

Luxury massage service that nourishes your skin while also treating your muscles.  Visit the FarmHouse Fresh link in the header above (located under "More") for our current listing of unique seasonal FarmHouse Fresh Services.

Therapeutic Massage:  $45 - $90

Manipulation of the body's soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation.  Focus is given to problem areas.  Available as either 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute service

Aromatherapy Massage:  $65 - $95

Allow essential oils to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, stability your mood, improve sleep, memory and pain.  Catered to you, this Swedish massage with essential oils will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and renewed.  Available as either a 60 minute or 90 minute service.

Signature Massage:  $90

This Signature massage service begins with full body dry brushing, which is wonderful for unclogging pores and exfoliating winter skin.  This is followed by a wonderful Swedish massage incorporating hot stones.  This service is 75 minutes in duration.

Healing Touch Massage:  $65 - $95

Enjoy the refreshing sensation of CBD Massage Lotion on your skin to give you an extra bit of relaxation on those tense days.  Helps with painful areas, adds feeling of comfort to your active lifestyle.  Packed with Hemp CBD, essential oils, and cooling menthol.  Topped off with a CBD spray or oil for those extra tender areas.

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